First World War - 4th Royal Irish Dragoon Guards.


At the outbreak of war, the Regiment was based at Tidworth, part of 2nd Cavalry Brigade within the Cavalry Division and was rapidly deployed to France. During September, the Division was renamed as the 1st Cavalry Division.

The Division remained on the Western Front in France and Flanders throughout the war and took part in most of the major actions where cavalry was used as a mounted mobile force, and also others where the troops were dismounted and effectively served as infantry, including:


Battles of Mons/Le Cateau/the Marne/the Aisne. 
Battles of Ypres 1914 ("First Ypres") 


Battles of Ypres  ("Second Ypres")



Battle of Flers-Courcelette. 


First Battle of the Scarpe. 
Tank Attack at Cambrai. 
Capture of Bourlon Wood/German counterattacks at Cambrai.



Battles of St Quentin/Bapaume/Rosieres

Battle of Amiens

Battle of Albert.

Battle of Cambrai

The Pursuit to the Selle.
Final Advance in Picardy and in Artois. 

The Division then formed part of the Occupation Force in Germany.

222 men from the 4th Royal Irish Dragoon Guards are listed in the CWGC database of First World War deaths:


1914 - 69.


1915 - 48.


1916 - 20.


1917 - 24.


1918, up to 11th Nov - 32.


After 11th Nov 1918 - 29.

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