The Early Years: 1923 - 1939.

Our present day Combined Irish Regiments’ Association is a direct descendant of what is arguably the first Regimental Association, formed  in London during late 1922/early 1923 by the late Charles Prior of the disbanded 18th Royal Irish. Around the same time, branches were formed in Dublin, Bristol and Guernsey.


Because of its large membership, the London branch was influential in the development of these branches - Regimental Associations of the other ‘disbanded’ regiments were formed at this time and they would all amalgamate to form the first parade at the Cenotaph in June 1923.


By virtue of the combination of the disbanded Regimental Associations, the initial parade was huge in numbers and it was led by the Regimental Band of HM Irish Guards from Horse Guards Parade, via Whitehall, to the Cenotaph for the Service of Remembrance, then up through Storey's Gate corner with a right turn into the St James' Park entrance to Horse Guards Parade.


The Regimental Band of HM Irish Guards continued to lead the parade from 1923 until 1939.

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